I love Cape Town

I love Cape Town

… and I am gonna stay!

I love Cape Town because of the

  • people
  • South African way of life
  • two oceans
  • gorgeous beaches
  • perfect surf spots
  • unforgettable sunsets
  • great weather
  • Braai evenings
  • Table Mountain and Lion’s Head
  • Cape of Good Hope
  • animal and plant kingdom
  • impressive landscapes
  • countless shopping possibilities
  • culinary highlights
  • extensive cultural offerings
  • frenetic nightlife scene
  • endless leisure activities
  • wonderful awareness of life
  • … so many other reasons

Why do you love Cape Town? Just leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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  1. Ich liebe Kapstadt, weil ich dort arbeiten kann, wo andere Urlaub machen und mich jeden morgen freue, hier wohnen und leben zu dürfen.

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