Obama kommt zur WM 2010

Wie Blatter bestätigte, wird Barrack Obama, erster schwarzer Präsident der USA, am Eröffnungsspiel der WM 2010 in Johannesburg teilnehmen. Obama habe eine entsprechende Einladung der Fifa angenommen.

Das Eröffnungsspiel findet am 11. Juni 2010 im Johannesburger Soccer City Stadion statt. In Südafrika wird zwischen dem 11. Juni und 11. Juli 2010 die erste Fußball-WM auf afrikanischem Boden ausgetragen.

Obamas Plans for the Future

Obamas Plans for the Future

  • to provide industrial technologies to the „Old Europe“ so that European aborigines don’t have to live on trees anymore but in barracks, so that they can wash themselves with floating water and even sit in their illuminnated thatched huts.
  • to increase security by installing cameras in everybody’s bedroom*
  • to increase carbon emissions for reasons like security and development assistance for the Old Europe.
  • to develop a military fallback plan in Iraq what will confine the freedom and democracy of the Iraqi folk and restore tyranny and dictatorship. In return Obama will regive the weapons of mass destruction to the Iraqi dictators.
  • to close the amusement park of Guantánamo.
  • to open a new amusement park in Russia.
  • to return the empty beer bottles George W. Bush collected in the White House in order to use the bottle deposit for a decrease of the american budget deficit.
  • to employ Monica Lewinsky as personal chief advisor as Monica Lewinsky had more president in her than George Bush ever will.

* most terrorist attacks are arranged in bedrooms

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